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Tirta Tawar st, Ubud,Bali

Ubud wellness spa pengosekan treatment rooms Ubud wellness spa pengosekan treatment rooms
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Ubud Wellness Spa product will bring you to experience the essence of Indonesian traditional herbs,using botanically sourced ingredients derived from Balinese nature.


Shirodhara is method of treatments in which liquid is being poured across the forehead in a rhythmic manner. begins with shoulder and head massage follow with shirodara therapy, and this treatment finished with hair and scalp natural wash.

Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic massage technique using medical warm oil dropped to your body along the treatments performed by two therapist in a synchronized & harmonized moves, rhythmic stroke, deep tissue slide, double stretch. increase blood circulation, softening muscle stiffness, calming vata related problems, and help of anxiety.


Kumkuman is one of Balinese bath which use only in the temple (blessing holly water). especially the process to make the kumkuman water is very unique, using fumigation technique of many kind of ethnic Herb. Treatment begin with oriental full body massage, Creambath, body scrub, body wrap, Deep Cleansing Facial,Holy kumkumman water apply on your body from hair to the whole body during you enjoy your kumkumman body bath.

Body Massage
Body Scrub

Begins with 75 minutes full body massage, exfoliation to eliminate dead skin cells from neck to toe, ideal for countering skin imperfection, ageing lines and brown spots. This transforming experience will smoothen, soften, and exfoliate the skin, complete with Body Moisturizer, Heavenly flower bath.

Body Zone Massage
Cupping Therapy

Rakta Moksana is blood cleansing therapy in tradition Ayurvedic healing therapy. Therapist applied glass cup heated on fire. This applied on slide moves, putted on skin to allow the heated cup sucking the skin. Help in clearing impurities present in the blood. Performed with Deep Tissue Acupressure full body massage follow with warm sucking cup application.

Patra or Shashitika Pinda Sweda We practice two type of Pinda Sweda therapy Patra and Shashitika Pinda Sweda, Patra Pinda Sweda using various kind of Medicated Herbs and oil. Shashitika Pinda Sweda Using red rice, beans and fresh milk, Choice of this will depending on your body type. It is an anti-aging and rejuvenating properties and have effective in neurological disorder, arthritis, spondylitis and similar conditions. Perform with Deep Tissue Acupressure Fu ll body massage follow with warm Pinda Sweda application .

Hot Stone Massage

An ideal treatment series designed for men seeking for strong and deep massage therapy. Begin with acupressure deep tissue massage to releasing body tensions, Boreh body scrub, moisturizing body polish, sport facial, herbal flower bath, sport manicure & pedicure, and this package is conclude with organic hair & scalp conditioning treatment.

Total luxurious esthetics spa experiences, it is a series of spa treatments designed to comfort, purify, re mineralize and rejuvenate or counter the body, awaken the beauty and wellness within. Treatments procedure: Ritual foot bath, Balinese Massage, Body Scrub, Body polish and wrap, Sport facial, Herbal flower Bath, Organic Creambath, pedicure & manicure.

Spa Package

Dedicated especially for the beauty of your hair, face, hand and feet. Choice of facial treatments, Hair & Scalp Conditioning Treatment Pedicure, Manicure.

Thai Traditional Massage

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Ubud Wellness Spa 2
Tirta Tawar st, Ubud,Bali

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